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Can your Workplace be Toxic?

  • Do you deal with interpersonal conflict between employees

  • Is morale low?

  • Are too many employees logging sick days or going on short or long term disability to deal with stress, depression, anxiety or addictions?


    In my workshops you will learn how more than 80% of what we do currently is shaped by what was modeled for us early on in life and how we learned to cope AND still cope as a result.


    While we tend to think our assumptions are factual, objective and shared, you will come to see exactly how subjective our viewpoints and assumptions really are.


    You will discover just how often we tend to personalize what others say or project our judgments onto others, which contributes to many misunderstandings, hurt feelings, negative interpersonal dynamics, increased stress, anxiety and levels of depression.


    More than 1 in 5 people will be affected negatively by mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress. The fact is that our unconscious reality affects us at home and at work far more than we realize. It’s time we became aware of this so we can make some changes and experience better outcomes.


    Through my workshops, I can teach you skills that can reduce these negative and often sabotaging thoughts and behaviours so you can benefit from more positive relationships and interactions; you can enjoy more productivity and lead happier, more stress free lives.



“I am certain that anyone who uses your services as a consultant or presenter will be as satisfied with your professionalism, your enthusiasm and your thoughtfulness and attention to detail as we were…Your neutrality workshop was well prepared and well received: 84% of participants indicated that the Neutrality workshop was the most valuable activity/topic of the 3 day meeting. They declared you to be an excellent and dynamic presenter who takes great pains to meet the needs of the audience.”


Judy Newman, Coordinator,

Supervised Access Program

Ministry of the Attorney General



When employees have more self awareness and understand why they think and react the way they do, they are better able to accept responsibility for their behaviour; they can also better understand their effect on others.


Building empathy and compassion allows employees to be less reactive and more tolerant of different viewpoints and behaviour.


Proactively addressing stress, depression, and anxiety in the workplace can reach people who many not otherwise reach out for service. It also better equips other employees and management to recognize and deal with concerns related to these common and costly mental health issues.


Employees and management have a common language to better hear, understand and deal with differences in viewpoints. This can contribute to a more constructive and humane way of dealing with potential discipline issues instead of using more traditionally punitive approaches.


Employees engage in less verbal negativity within and outside the company which can sabotage the reputation a company works hard to create. They have a more constructive way to communicate concerns and know they will be heard.



  • Customized Workshops

    • Mental Health in the Workplace

    • Dealing with Change

    • Interpersonal Skills Training

    • Dealing with Diversity

    • Building Empathy & Compassion

    • Communication Skills

    • Professionalism

  • Communication Facilitation

  • Refresher Training to Build on Skills

  • Lunch & Learns

  • Questions & Answer Sessions

  • Consulting

  • One on one coaching



    If you have mental health or interpersonal challenges in your workplace, I can show you how to deal with it constructively.


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